Finn Coren


  • Vinternatt

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  • Eg dreg ifrå glaset

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  • Vinternatt (akustisk versjon)

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Produced by Finn Coren and Øystein Vesaas
Sleeve: Stein J. Øvre and Creuna Design
Painting: Ørnulf Opdahl
Art-direction: Stein J. Øvre and Finn Coren

Painting used with permission from Ørnulf Opdahl

English translations by Robin Fulton

Lyrics used with permission from Bodil Cappelen & Det Norske Samlaget, Norway
Robin Fulton and Anvil Press, London.

«It is forbidden to copy and /or use the poems, portraits, paintings and recordings without written permission from the copyrightowners.»

– first single from Finn Coren I draumar fær du – dikt av Olav H. Hauge (with bonus track)